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87.7% of Riemurasia users are men, 11.7% are female and 0.5% hidden profiles.

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What is Riemurasia?

Riemurasia is social media site focused to entertainment content. Riemurasia has tens of thousands funny and interesting videos, images and other content. With 25 million weekly page views Riemurasia is one of the most popular webservices in Finland. From about 525 000 unique users approximately 90% are men.


Week 33 / 547 000 unique visitors (Year 2013, Source: Oindex.fi / Google Analytics) Average time spent per visitor: 10min

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Source: Google Analytics
Ad shapes Size
1. Wallpaper max. 2400x1600
2. Parade spot (with 160x600 banner) 1226x400
3. Parade spot (without 160x600 banner) 1066x400
4. Panorama 980x120
5. Wide skyscraper 160x600
6. Leaderboard 728x90
7. Text advertisement & SMS max. 135 chars

Advertising placements

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There are approximately 50000 unique and confirmed mobile telephone numbers, who are over 18 years old and opted in for mobile marketing

Messages can be customized to have unique code per receiver, this code can then be used for example in competitions. Messages are always sent from Riemurasia.net

Email Ads

There are approximately 100000 unique and confirmed email addresses. Ads can be in html or text format and can be customized per receiver.

Sender is always Riemurasia and email addresses are never disclosed to third parties

Video Ads

Jylppy-Gallery has thousands of videos, they all have possibility to have video advertisement before or after actual content.